Breads ordered after 11:00 am will be for next day delivery after 5:00 pm.

If you are in Fort Nelson and wish to pay with cash on delivery or a bank transfer with the
order (we do not take cheques) just send us a text 250-500-2093 or you can order through
Facebook Messenger.

*Please include your name, address & phone number and specific items and quantity ordered.


  - Free delivery in town with $5 bakery order
  - We will also deliver to the Chalo area with a minimum of $12 ordered
  - We deliver to FSJ every 4-6 weeks. We will post the delivery date ahead of time on our FB page.
* 11:00 am is our cut off to order with same day delivery.

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Your choice of White, Whole Wheat, Rye or Multigrain breads, in different sizes and all made with the best ingredients.





Our fruit pies are made with either a
pastry top or our butter crumb topping,
and include apple, blueberry, cherry,
peach & strawberry-rhubarb. We also
have pumpkin, pecan, chess and even
fresh strawberry!


Kaiser Buns


Our fresh Kaiser buns can be either
white or the very popular multigrain.

Cinnamon Rolls



The best cinnamon buns on the Alaska Highway! Always fresh and loaded with
butter & cinnamon. Our cinnamon buns
can include raisins and nuts.